Advice needed on bundle pack

  tulix 00:17 27 Dec 05

Can you please give me a little advice on a bundle pack i am thinking about buying.As i dont know too much about here

  Strawballs 00:29 27 Dec 05

That is the same bundle that I used to build my daughters comp from all I did was added a sound card and 256 meg graphics card (nothing special just an FX 5200) but it does everything that she throws at it and she is 21, the only thing is I got mine from Novatech.
What did you want to use it for.

  tulix 00:32 27 Dec 05

well i know its at the cheap end of the market,but i do want it to run as a gaming machine,what graphics card does it come with.

  Strawballs 00:40 27 Dec 05

Onboard graphics which if you want it for gaming it will eat into the resources of both the chip and the memory if you don't add a dedicated graphics card and for gaming you want to go for the best that you cn afford

  tulix 00:53 27 Dec 05

Thankyou strawballs for your input,This leads me to ask another question.I have an 1800+ processer and an onboard (cough cough) 32mb graph chip.What should i upgrade for best results,Oh i do have an 64mb ati card but it pixels out on me after an hour or so.Is this a processer not being able to cope with it?.

  Strawballs 00:56 27 Dec 05

it sounds like a problem with the card, does it have it's own cooling fan and if so is it working properly.

  tulix 01:01 27 Dec 05

no dedicated cooling fan,and has for working properly.If there is a site i can go to that tests and says yes it`s working or no it aint,then i have no way of knowing lol.

  Strawballs 01:04 27 Dec 05

I only asked because you say it plays up after an hour I thought it might be an overheating problem.

  tulix 01:09 27 Dec 05

Well after it pixels i can restart and it works fine again for about 30 mins and so on.And thanks again strawballs for your time and knowledge in helping me out.

  Strawballs 01:14 27 Dec 05

No problem sorry I couldn't help more maybee someone else can help more with second problem as for the first go for the best you can afford if you wish to play some of the latest games Oh yes and the biggest hard drive you can as the newer games take up a lot of space.

  polish 11:53 27 Dec 05

have a look at similar bundle includes memory

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