Advice on graphic cards needed

  bruno 09:59 28 Mar 08

My friend has a lap top with on board graphics. He wants to run a programme which needs more power. Is there a way to do this or can you get an external card of some sort? I am completely ignorant of lap tops, hence the question.

this click here would do the trick, not sure if it's out in uk yet.
to be honest, they would have to buy that, a good graphics card and a monitor. have to think is it really worth turning a lappy into a desktop, or just getting a desktop.

  bruno 12:48 28 Mar 08

I had a look but I agree with you, it does not look viable in terms of expense.He will no doubt end up with a desk top.Thanks for your help.

  bruno 15:40 01 Apr 08

He has bought a desk top.Problem solved.

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