Advice on firewalls

  loopyloo 18:37 18 Sep 03

I would like some help in chosing a firewall for my computer. I am at present using the firewall that comes with Windows XP but last week I was infected with a trojan and it made me think that the XP firewall is not protecting me enough. I would like some help in whether to presist with the XP firewall or purchase a full version of a firewall.
I have installed Norton System Works using the Norton Aniti virus program, on my computer but I cannot see that you can just buy the Norton firewall by itself.
I did try the ZoneAlarm firewall but my computer kept jamming when this was installed so I took it off. Does anyone have any advice please

  terminus 18:48 18 Sep 03

did you remember to disable the XP firewall before you installed Zone Alarm?

I use Outpost just type agnitum in google works ok with XP

  Forum Editor 18:50 18 Sep 03

is that it only works in one direction. It stands at the gate watching for something trying to get in, but completely ignores what's going on behind its back - anything trying to get out will have an unobstructed exit.

What you need is a proper firewall - which watches any attempts at traffic on your machine, whether it's inbound or outbound.

click here and download the free version of a firewall called Outpost. In my opinion it's the best of the free firewalls, and I use it on all my office machines.

Don't attempt to install one firewall whilst you have another one active on your computer - uninstall Zone Alarm and anything else that you've tried, and deactivate the WindowsXP firewall before you install Outpost.

Then sit back and relax.

  -pops- 18:50 18 Sep 03

I've used Outpost for yonks. It works fine for me and the Forum Editor - I installed it on his recommendation.

  Forum Editor 18:51 18 Sep 03

Two minds with the same thought.

  Forum Editor 18:51 18 Sep 03


I use Outpost on three machines and Tiny Firewall on another, both free.

  Gee Tee 19:59 18 Sep 03

what is the free version number of outpost
it just says would you like to download
the old free version or the pro version.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:01 18 Sep 03

?????? click here ..the one that says 'download free version'.


  Gee Tee 23:34 18 Sep 03


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