advice on false e-mails

  Magik ®© 15:45 06 Jul 05

hi, my grandaughter has had someone at her school.she is certain she knows who, has set up an email address with MSN in her name, including her surname, and is now sending out all sorts of emails, need i say more....can anything be done? i have told her i will try and find out. anyone any ideas? thank you.

bloody kids............

  HondaMan 15:55 06 Jul 05

Did this happen AT school. If so it sounds like a lack of supervision. Pass the responsibility back to them.

If not, there would seem to be little you can do. It is not an offence to change your name UNLESS it is with the intent to deceive which could apply in this case. If the people involved are over 18, which I doubt, then the police might want to become interested, if not, then a friendly word to the other person from a man in a blue serge suit and a pointed hat might just work.

You could also contact MSN and see what they can offer, after all, its their service that is being abused!

  Magik ®© 15:59 06 Jul 05

it is a kid in her class, all in the 13-14 age group..........we assume they are being sent from the other kids home...I will pass on your comments....thanks

  Dorsai 20:00 06 Jul 05

Apart from pointing out the fact that a name, any name, is not unique, not a lot I suspect.

Try doing a google for your own name Magik...

I am, amongst others, a reporter in Israel, on politics....And I have never been to that country.

So basically someone has an e-mail account in the name of "Jane Doe" and your G'Daughter is called called Jane doe....

Should any other parent complain that they are getting mail from Jane doe, and blame your g'Daughter, suggest they search the net for people called Jane Doe. I suspect they will find 1000's.

Then ask them, if there are 1000's of people sharing the name with your G'D, how can they know who it's from.

Then point out that anyone can open an account with any name, with any Internet mail provider. The fact that the name matches the name of your daughter only suggest that someone is trying to get he into trouble. If she wanted to send poisoned mail, she would be really rather stupid to send them in her own name!

  Magik ®© 22:11 06 Jul 05

good point,but, it's the other kids in her class who are getting the emails, with her name on them.........but i guess, like most things it will blow over.....

  octal 22:27 06 Jul 05

"like most things it will blow over"

I think that's wise. The onus is on the recipients to prove these emails are coming from her, it's not for her to prove her innocence.

  Magik ®© 22:29 06 Jul 05

wise words..................

i will tick the box...............

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