Advice on DVI cable

  wesparmalee 21:23 11 Nov 06

I've just bought a new computer, and the monitor has an optional DVI cable connection.Should i use this connection, or the regular USB cable.I'm currently using this DVI cable, but there are less options available when trying to alter the monitor settings etc.What is the difference between DVI and USB?Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 21:25 11 Nov 06

You should get a better Picture with DVI

  wesparmalee 21:27 11 Nov 06

Sorry i should have said the difference between DVI and VGA.

  gourmand 22:37 19 Jan 07

I have just changed to a dvi cable, much brighter picure and better video display.

  jack 22:43 19 Jan 07

Well there you go. I guess it is all to do with Graphics Cards and Screen quality amd eyesight.

I have both cables on my Phillips 190x6 to
my MSI graphics card. The software puts a switch
up that allows the screens to be toggled
I spotted no significant difference.
Mind you my peepers have been peeping for 74 years so perhaps they ain't peeping so good now!

i bought a dvi cable, and i really cant tell any difference between that and the vga adaptor, as the rep at novatech had told me before i bought it! on a 21" tft with geforce 7600gt

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