Advice on choosing website builder such moonfruit etc....HELP!!!!!

  Cat67 09 Mar 12

Hi there,

I'm about to embark into the unknown by building my own website for my accessories business and I am at a loss on which company to go with.

My aim with the site is for the following points.....

To show a gallery of my work (I am a designer) so about 6 sub catagories in the gallery (about 60 images in total)

To promote events and the usual stuff

I want it to be advert free

I won't be selling online (for now anyway)

I don't want flash

I already have a domain name and want keep the registration where it is so will get it directed to new site (it is a .com and

Regarding the look of the site, I am looking for a clean contemporary look

Reliabilty is really important

I am wanting something relitively straight forward to administer (I believe I need a CMS)

and lastly (now I may be asking for the impossible here) a reliable support service would be the icing on the cake!!

I have read numerous reviews and I am struggling to know which firm to choose.....

I read on one site that webeden (who I believe are UK based) came out well. I also checked out wix but then read that it doesn't work well on ipads etc

If any of you tech wizards out there can offer any pearls of wisdom (other than hire a designer) I would be grateful to hear them!!!

Thanks in anticipation....

PS I also need to be able to use my existing email address so presume I would have to redirect emails to it??


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