Advice on choosing Replacement Laptop Batteries

  Tor-toise 02 Jun 12

I need a new battery for my Acer 7736G.

However, different suppliers are quoting different voltages (11.1, 14.5, etc), different capacities (4400mAh, 4600mAh, 5200mAh, etc), and of course, very different prices. And they all claim that they are replacement batteries for my particular model.

Can anyone explain this, and give advice on what is or isn't important when choosing a replacement?


  rdave13 03 Jun 12

To be honest this was hit or miss for me also. I tried to get a replacement battery for the original Packard Bell Dots netbook. Resulting in 'not available'. So went to Amazon site and typed the battery number which was UM08A41. This was the result, Amazon Acer

Took four days to arrive, at a cost of £9 delivery, but was a six-cell battery and lasts 5 hrs. Voltage the same (important in my opinion) the mAh is the reflection of the cells the battery has. Anyway it works well and gives 5 hrs battery life. I also studied the image of the battery to make sure it had the same connections. You can always enlarge, up to a point, in your browser to check.

Happy with Superb Choice eu I went and bought another battery, this time a 12- cell one for my HP laptop, number on battery was MU06. HP link, studied and enlarged the photo, to make sure of connections, checked the voltage, and went ahead and ordered. Again arrived in 5 days this time and works well.

So my advice is to go to Amazon uk then type "superb choice eu" then type the correct battery number (as per my examples) after SC EU and see what comes up. Remember that whatever site you choose to get a replacement, always use one that has a digital image of the battery you can use to compare. Hope that gives some help.

  Tor-toise 04 Jun 12

Thanks very much. Have done exactly as you recommended and now ordered one.

I'll let you now if it's a disaster!!

  rdave13 15 Jun 12

Tor-toise , how's the new battery?


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