Advice on buying new dell PC

  Time Watch 20:25 16 Jul 05

I notice they come with 56k data fax modem
with wannadoo broadband,is this just an option
as i want to continue to use tiscali dialup
for now and if i buy a dell do i have to state
i dont want the wannadoo broadband.

  mgmcc 20:37 16 Jul 05

<<<is this just an option>>>


<<<do i have to state i dont want the wannadoo broadband>>>

No. In any case, Wanadoo broadband would have to be set up as an ADSL connection on your phone line, the PC "out-of-the-box" couldn't automatically provide you with a broadband service.

  Wuggy 00:31 17 Jul 05

There's usually an option to upgrade from a 56K fax/modem to a voice/fax/modem. Stick with the basic one. It's made by Conexant and is a good modem. BTW if when configuring your chosen model you get an option (as you should) to upgrade to a Logitech X700 Cordless Keyboard and mouse - take it. You are charged £50.35 extra but because you don't take the Dell models you are rebated £35.25 effectively costing you only £15.28 for a top of the range keboard (with lots of time saving shortcut buttons) and a rechargeable optical mouse. Well worth the money. Just got one on Wednesday with my new Dell 5100. Delighted with the whole deal and set up.

  Strawballs 00:38 17 Jul 05

I just got a HP laptop which came with wannado broadband I just left the disc in the box and carried on using NTL but as it is connected through wireless network I didn't have to install the ISP software.

  peter t. 15:48 18 Jul 05

My Dell 5100 came with 5 preloaded ISP's. Only problem I had was that on start-up the AOL Scheduler was firing up and slowing down the start up process,after I uninstalled AOL it was fine.

  Time Watch 20:03 20 Jul 05

Thanks for replys.

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