Advice on buying a CPU

  Woodmouse 18 13:39 18 Jan 07

motherboard. My current CPU is an AMD Athlon(TM) XP1800 1.53Ghz. I am looking for a new CPU that will support SSE2 and yet be compatable with my motherboard. Can anyone advise me please.

  ed-0 14:08 18 Jan 07

Your motherboard will take click here. The barton 3000+ with a 333fsb is by far the best on offer.

Unfortunately you will probably have to look second hand for one.

  ed-0 14:13 18 Jan 07

Unfortunatley the 3000+ is just SSE click here

To go to SSE2, you would need to go to a K8 cpu and the minimum of a socket 754 motherboard.

  PC Bilbo 18:24 18 Jan 07

If you really must have SSE2 capability, you will need to upgrade both motherboard and processor to a minimum 754 skt as ed-0 says.

Also consider that unless you have a retail version of XP you could end up also needing a new Microsoft may see this as a different PC.

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