advice on back up and graphics

  beb 16:27 06 Jan 11

recently got a acer x3400 click here

as is the norm these days no discs so i need to make back ups , nothing important will be on hard drive but wanted to back up windows 7 to disc , but there dosent seem to be an option for this any help appriciated , also would like a advice on a graphics card there is a x16 slot , but it will have to be a half size/low profile card and also only has a 220w power supply , thanks beb

  rawprawn 17:07 06 Jan 11

Your best bet would be a full backup using Acronis True Image click here

  GaT7 17:36 06 Jan 11

Why do you think you need to upgrade the graphics?

You'll need to go for a half-height/low-profile graphics card mainly because it is a half-height/low-profile case. Not sure there are too many LP x16 GPUs available that are both better than the integrated GPU & will work with a 220W PSU, but we can have a look into it. G

  beb 14:39 07 Jan 11

thanks for the input , ive ordered your suggestion rawprawn , but to me seems unfair that people should fork out more money for something that should be supplied .

Crossbow7 , i like to play a few games , nothing heavy but also online gaming , call of duty , world of war craft , guild wars , they play ok but would like to up the settings a bit and inprove the frames per second , gets very laggy on call of duty .

  GaT7 14:53 07 Jan 11

I'm surprised CoD plays at all!

Anyway, as I said before finding a suitable low-profile one that will run off a 220W PSU may prove difficult - 300-350W would have been a lot better (especially if it was a Dell). G

  GaT7 15:04 07 Jan 11

This related discussion on another forum click here suggests that a ATI HD 5550 may be OK - only just.

However, ATI says 400W at least for this particular GPU click here, which is really not true if you ask me - I'm sure it will run with a good 300W one.

But, possibly more importantly, the original poster of that thread (Richymisiak) didn't get back as to what he tried & if it worked or not. So why don't you join that forum & ask what he went for & what worked. You may not get a reply, but it's worth a shot. G

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