Advert appears when launching IE

  corc2 09:37 07 May 03

Every time I fire up Internet Explorer, before I have chance to type anything into Google(my home page) an ad appears for e-bay. Can anyone explain how to get rid of it as I presume there is a file somewhere that runs every time IE is started. Also I am fed up of those pop-up BT ads that are not even in date anymore. Who do you complain to about it?

  NadineCoyleRocks 09:49 07 May 03

Ad-aware is a free download that may help you stop you adverstisements popping up when starting internet explorer. Try searching for it through yahoo i cant remember there website

  expertec 09:55 07 May 03

you should download ad-aware from click here and also download Spybot from click here

  expertec 09:55 07 May 03

also, have you got a good firewall and anti-virus software?

  corc2 11:51 07 May 03

I have Keiro firewall and Norton anti-virus running. Also i've found a programme that tries to run on start up called RVP/bpc.exe and have no idea what it is so i have disabled it. I'll give ad-aware a go as well. Many thanks

  leo49 11:53 07 May 03

Apparently this RVP/bpc.exe is spyware associated with grokster.

click here


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