Advent Laptop-No sound but Device manager saying ok?

  buel 20:17 23 Oct 12

Hi, My friend has an Advent laptop (Vista) and the sound doesn't seem to work? There are no yellow exclamation marks in device manager so im stuck. The icon is not muted. Please can i ask for some help?

  woodchip 20:38 23 Oct 12

Check the speaker Icon Near clock that Sound is not Muted, also you can go to Control Panel sounds, check the laptop is using the correct sound device and sound turned up. Could also be the keyboard press fn key and sound volume up key

  buel 21:00 23 Oct 12

Thanks. Ok, it is not muted. Control panel-sounds-playback and the icons say 'working' but i notice in the 'sounds' tab, it is using 'Windows default (modified)' and not 'Windows default'? Shall i change it?

  woodchip 21:02 23 Oct 12

Would be best to test it

  woodchip 21:05 23 Oct 12

Is the sound turned up on the Laptop, check all volume controls

  buel 21:23 23 Oct 12

Yes, everything turned up and i've tried 'Windows default' too. However, i have noticed that in control panel-sounds, under the 'sounds' tab 'Play windows startup sound' is ticked but underneath that 'Sounds' and 'none' is greyed out?

  Sea Urchin 21:27 23 Oct 12

You could try Control Panel and Sounds and Audio. On the Audio tab under Sound playback click Advanced. Under Speakers check that Speaker Setup is pointing to the correct combination - eg Laptop mono (or stereo) speakers. If it is wrong change it and click Apply.

  buel 21:34 23 Oct 12

'You could try Control Panel and Sounds and Audio. On the Audio tab under Sound playback click Advanced.'

Hi, it goes Control panel-sounds and three tabs: 'Playback', 'recording' and 'sounds'? No 'Audio'?

  buel 22:22 23 Oct 12

Hi, anyone?

  Woolwell 22:27 23 Oct 12

Playback, recording and sounds is what I have on my Vista laptop. On Playback - chose your speakers and check configuration.

  Sea Urchin 22:37 23 Oct 12

Yes sorry - Playback


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