Advent 8212 laptop SD card reader problem

  CDR Krill 18:58 11 Nov 07

Hi guys, had this machine for about a month now with no problems. It has Vista pre-installed. Tonight I tried to make use of the 4in1 card reader built in to it to read a Sandisk 512mb SD card. However when i put the card in, the computer grinds to a halt until i remove it. It appears to be recognised (the vista new device plugged in noise sounds) and "o2micro sd scsi interface" appears in device manager, however it does not appear as a drive in explorer (in fact it stops the computer app working). I have done a bit of reseach and tried the MS sd rollup package but this did not fix the probem. Can't seem to find any updated drivers from O2micro. I only have the one card so can't test if there is a similar problem with other SD cards or Memory sticks. Any ideas?? Si

  aajsmh1 22:35 12 Nov 07

Have the same issue, as above, does anybody know how to resolve this?
Or did you manager to resolve it CDR Krill?

  Zion_Lion 01:31 13 Nov 07

Hi mate... if the card reader is built in and non-removable and there are no options for this device in the BIOS, and all USB options (except Wake On options) are enabled in the BIOS, I would say your laptop could be faulty.
You need to try another card to make sure it’s not a media issue first before doing much else.

Regards ZL

  MCE2K5 01:49 13 Nov 07

Have you Downloaded Driver from here,

click here={cb0941a6-7cc4-47b9-9ec7-63d2215f25c9}&CatID={ebf83807-634b-40bf-a336-85dbe9a0cbb2}

  MCE2K5 01:50 13 Nov 07

Try again,

click here={cb0941a6-7cc4-47b9-9ec7-63d2215f25c9}&CatID={ebf83807-634b-40bf-a336-85dbe9a0cbb2}

  MCE2K5 01:52 13 Nov 07

Last time,{cb0941a6-7cc4-47b9-9ec7-63d2215f25c9}&CatID={ebf83807-634b-40bf-a336-85dbe9a0cbb2}

Stick http:// infront.

  CDR Krill 09:09 13 Nov 07

MCE2K5, Im glad you perservered with that link because the drivers fixed the problem! Many thanks, Si

  MCE2K5 23:13 13 Nov 07

You're Welcome.


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