advent 8117 power on password

  vincent1 16:25 24 May 11

hi i have recently acquired a advent 8117 laptop of a local car boot it had a broken dc jack on the mother board so i have replaced that and also it had a missing hard drive and replaced that the problem now is it has a power on password which i don't know can anyone help me?? so i cant get in to bios the boot menu nothing at all

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 24 May 11

try removing the bios battery AND the rechargable battery for 10 minutes. Install both batteries and try again

Do you know BIOS make? BIOS Passwords here, here, and here.

  Devil Fish 21:27 24 May 11

seems to be a Pheonix Bios

  vincent1 21:35 24 May 11

yes it is thanks for your reply's have tried all the backdoor passwords etc etc removed both battery's and on start up its still there goggling it says it defently a power on password but no help on how to remove it i have just done a dell c600 that was easy a guide on you tube nothing for advent though

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:39 24 May 11

Sometimes reflashing the BIOS will work.

  vincent1 09:43 25 May 11

hi do you know if i get a 15 in model motherboard would it fit in mine as mines a 17in model as there a few on the bay for spares

  Devil Fish 23:11 27 May 11

you also need to bare in mind many of the newer laptops store passwords in the eeprom wich is seperate from the bios the only way to reset that is with a jumper on the motherboard for which you will need a manual or take it to somebody who knows how to deal with it


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