Advent 7110 xpmc shutting down randomly.

  skidzy 20:03 16 Jan 08

Ok everyone,probably a simple goes.

XP sp2 Media Centre laptop that keeps shutting down at random intervals.

Ok the machine has been restored to factory settings,all went well.

Upto date with MS Updates.
All Anti's installed and ran including online scans.

Basically we have a clean machine.

I have restored this computer due to shutting down and could not get the bottom of the problem.

I can have the machine running for hours and a ok,then i can just run sfc or internet or running scans and it will shut down.

It is very random.

Ive set the bios defaults and still no joy.

My diagnosis is that the problem lies with either a faulty mobo / overheating / possible power supply problem.

Yet to try Memtest incase of ram failure but i fail to see how that could shut down the machine.

Ok its just shut down running sfc , now surely thats not overheating !!! though the fan was running quite heavily.

I may have overlooked something,so upto you lot now :-))

As usual,all advice and ideas welcome and greatly appreciated.


  SANTOS7 20:05 16 Jan 08

Smack it wiv a BIG 'Ammer!!!!

  SANTOS7 20:07 16 Jan 08

Does it shutdown from battery as well as main powered...

  Technotiger 20:07 16 Jan 08

Hi skidzy, sounds like PSU - what other hardware etc is it trying to run, how old and what Power is the PSU - it might not be up to the job.

  Technotiger 20:09 16 Jan 08

Ooops, silly me - just realised 'laptop' . Could be faulty Power connection.

  VoG II 20:10 16 Jan 08

A light tap, not smack, with a hammer maybe..

... but it might not be hardware related. Check in Event Viewer if you haven't already.

  skidzy 20:13 16 Jan 08

Hi gang :-)

Its one of the lads lappy and its just out of guarantee..literally by 3 weeks.

Yep shuts down from battery and mains and with battery removed.

And just to round it off,its difficult getting to the hdd,reseated the ram and thought that cured it...wrong !!

  skidzy 20:15 16 Jan 08

Did check eventvwr,and does seem ok. Now booting it again and will have another look if it lasts that long.

Cheers for the input VoG™

  skidzy 20:16 16 Jan 08

Thought i would point out,have checked and tinkered with the power options and all is ok there.

Hi skidzy,
has the laptops memory been upgraded,incorrect ram has wierd side effects

  skidzy 20:27 16 Jan 08

No mate just reseated,as i thought i would try that first.

Give me a desktop and i can rebuild it...give me a lappy.....well say no more :-))

Hammer sounds good to me !! :-)

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