Advent 7105 laptop - location of CMOS battery?

  Dealman2 13:13 09 Oct 12

I need to replace the CMOS battery on an old Advent 7105 laptop. I've looked under the panels on the base of the machine. No sign of the small battery! Does anyone know where it is located and how to gain access to it?

  lotvic 14:37 09 Oct 12

As far as I can find out the 7105 is basically a rebadged ECS 331 (you should see 331 printed on the underside of the laptop) and the cmos battery is prob under the keyboard and is encased in yellow plastic like this

This seems to be the best site for finding out stuff Advent model numbers and forum

  Dealman2 18:59 10 Oct 12

Thanks for the advice Lotvic.

I think I've sorted out the CMOS battery location. For anyone else as baffled as I was, here's what you do... To get to the CMOS battery you need to turn the machine over, remove the main battery and unplug from mains power for safety. Then take off the large cover over the cooling fan (remove a couple of screws and slide the cover).

In the top left-hand corner is a white oblong. Remove the two screws and carefully lift it up. The CMOS battery is underneath - possibly held down with a bit of black sticky tape. It's as Lotvic illustrated - a CR2032 encased in a plastics sheath with two soldered-on flyleads. So, unless you are a dab hand with a soldering iron, I guess the best replacement is a complete battery + flylead unit.

  lotvic 19:21 10 Oct 12

Glad you found it, not a lot of info on web. The instructions you have posted will help others wanting to put new cmos battery in :)

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