Advantages of XP Backup Utility vs. simple copy?

  Philbert 14:50 30 Dec 04

I'm backing up files before I re-format my hard drive and re-install XP.
What is the reason for using the XP backup utility instead of just using Roxio CD writer to write data files to a CD?
I'm now using fat32 file system. If I switch to NTFS after re-formatting will I still be able to read my Roxio - written CDs?
I'm planning on using the File and Settings Transfer wizard for my settings.
Wisconsin, USA

  anchor 15:26 30 Dec 04

This may be of interest.

click here

  Philbert 16:52 30 Dec 04

Thank you for the link. It is a good overview of the XP Backup Utility.
It sounds like the XP Backup utility is overkill for me. I don't have lots of data to back up. I don't need incremental backups because data doesn't change often and isn't of much value. (The kids tend to write their report, turn it in, and never look at the file again.) I don't have a tape drive. I am just copying the data files I need to a CD.
I also don't see that the backup utility does any kind of compression to get more data on a disk.
I have never read that there is a problem reading a disk made under fat32 after changing to NTSF. I'd still appreciate hearing that confirmed or corrected.

  woodchip 17:01 30 Dec 04

Backup is OK if you have a Big drive ether a tape driver or extra Hard Drive. But you cannot boot to reinstall it, and you cannot split the backup to fit CDR Nore will it write to a CDRW. To reinstall the Backup Windows as To be installed and Running. That's why it's better to use sometning on the lines of Acronis True Image that does all the above

  Philbert 14:57 31 Dec 04

I went ahead and just used Roxio to copy files.
It looks to me like that will do what I need it to. I did the re-formatting and re-install. Now I have other threads to pursue!
Thanks for the help.

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