Advanced entries for Email on OExp.

  dezi 13:08 03 Sep 03


I have some problems with my 'Send' emails. I think I have checked everything but am completely unsure of what should be the entries in the Advanced Settings section of OExp, the settings in 1.Services 2.Security Logging and 3.ICPM.
To get to these 3 settings ; Tools...Accounts...Mail...Properties...Connections...Advanced...Settings... then(Services-Security Logging and ICPM). Can someone give me the settings for the 3 heading.

  MAJ 13:58 03 Sep 03

I don't seem to have those entries in the place described, it might be because I'm on Dialup and if your're on Broadband the settings are different. What problems are you having sending mail? Do you get any error messages when trying to send mail?

  dezi 14:26 03 Sep 03


I am on Dialup, dont know why you dont see these entries.
However, the trouble is: when I send emails now with jpegs my recipients receive some other files included with the email proper.
If say I send an email with 2 jpeg attachments, they will receive a proper email with the jpegs attached, as expected. But they also will receive three individual email (.dat files) files placed into their (OExp Deleted Folder). These 'ghost'files seem to make up the original email. If I attached say 5 jpegs then they would get 6 (.dat) files in their Deleted folder and so on. I have sent myself trials and that is what happens.

  MAJ 14:40 03 Sep 03

Do you by any chance have the email splitting option turned on in OE, dezi. Go to OE > Tools > Accounts > Properties (of your connection) > Advanced tab and see if "Break apart messages larger than ?? KB", is ticked. If it is untick it. It's the only thing I can think of at the minute, dezi.

  dezi 20:30 03 Sep 03

I have been struggling with this one for a couple of weeks now and missed THAT ONE ! After unclicking and testing..... everything is AOK again.
Your a Champ, thanks a ton.

  MAJ 20:33 03 Sep 03

Glad to help, dezi. I'm not surprised you missed it, that option is toooo well hidden for such a useful tool.

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