Adtec data stick driver

  6mfan 11:54 19 Feb 06

Reformatd my hard drive and lost the driver for above. Checked the Adtec web address and they have gone!
I was advised to try Peak hardware for the driver and although it appears to be available there it will not load.
Any tips please

  JWJH 13:23 19 Feb 06
  JWJH 13:27 19 Feb 06

Sorry some clarification needed. The link takes you to a translated Japanese site, along the top, under the word Adtec are some Japanese characters, mouse hover over the second from the left and it should say "Support" in English, click and follow link to USB flash drives, and down the right hand side is a link for software, click this for a link to drivers.

  6mfan 21:41 19 Feb 06

Thanks JWJH, I'm working on it. It must have been difficult before it was translated :)

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