ADSL works on 98 but not XP!?!?

  Andy 999 15:33 01 Feb 03

Hi everyone,
I have a problem, last night my adsl was working on XP but then this morning i don't knwo what i did to it and it is not working in xp. I have set it up in 98 now and it works how it did in xp. I have not changed any settings and i have tried system restore but that is not working either(any suugestions on that?)

What ciould i do to get it working again.


  Andy 999 15:34 01 Feb 03

Also, my windows xp is hanging alot so their might be something stopping it working.
Any ideas why it is so unstable?
it crashes on almost everything

  Andy 999 16:49 01 Feb 03


  jimv7 18:09 01 Feb 03

Try system restore.

  cdb 18:39 01 Feb 03

Try using task manager to see if it shows up anything hogging the system resources. Might be worth uninstalling your adsl and reinstalling it. Make sure you have the latest driver.

  Andy 999 20:18 01 Feb 03

i have tried that and re-installed all the drivers for my NIC card and router but to no avial. i think there is a problem with the windows settings. BTW jimv7 i mentioned before that system restore does not work.

  tony1160 20:27 01 Feb 03

i take it you are running duel boot win 98/xp???
as i am also using 98/xp with adsl and have yet to have any crashes

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