adsl speed?

  jake2 15:59 08 Nov 05

Some of you may be aware that demons home 2000 service has been experiencing some issues with latency over recent months. adsl guide's forums tell of many peoples problems. I migrated from Nildram's 512 service to Demons 2mb service and expected my speeds to increase. The speeds have stayed the same or even dropped slightly.
I have contacted Demon and been given various rehersed answers ranging from "there is no problem" to "422 kbps is within normal range for a 2mb service"
Now I dont see how I could migrate from 512 to 2mb and slow down. I have been assured that my connection has been upgraded to 2mb, the exchange is 2mb enabled, I am closer to the exchange than others I know who have 2mb, so I cannot think what the problem could be. Technical department are meant to be phone me tonight but I honestly don't hold out much hope. Can anybody suggest anything else or what sort of things I should ask when I get the call later?

  moore_mat 16:12 08 Nov 05

You might want to try logging a call with BT if your line is still with them - visit click here and click the Report a Fault link. They can test the line to your house is see if everything is OK.

Otherwise, to be ready when you get the call; strip out all extension leads/spare phones and try to plug your ADSL modem in as close the the main socket of your house as you can; then try running the tests again.


  jake2 17:48 20 May 06

it turned out that Demon had taken over as my ISP but forgot to upgrade my connection from 512 to 2mb! All sorted now thanks for all the help.

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