ADSL Router wireless suddenly opens

  mosjandon 13 Apr 12

I have had a Draytek Vigor 2600VG for quite a few years and most of my home devices connect wirelessly to it. Wirelesss security is enforced via WPA/WPA2 and strict MAC Address Filtering.

Earlier this week, I suddenly began to register a series of IP address conflict messages on the various computers which persisted even after I mnually released/refreshed their IP leases (IP Configurator) and rebooted the router several times.

Playing around on the router admin page, I discovered my wireless security had been set to OFF, as well as MAC Address Filtering also set to OFF with the permitted stations wiped clean.

I have no idea why or when this could have happened. I also do not think it was a case of the router restoring itself to factory settings through some momentary glitch as many of the other settings (including the wireless password, ADSL connections etc) were still intact.

HAs anyne ever encountered this? Is it the result of some attack?

The router firmware has not been updated by Draytek for a while now.


  Mr Mistoffelees 14 Apr 12

Change the router's password right away then restore your settings. Make the password hard to guess, something like: Yrg64&$^%Gsf%yeth45y25Y£%£a6i^gT%j^&earfwY4UTI0

  mosjandon 15 Apr 12

Already done that of course thanks. The original password was quite cryptic too.


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