ADSL Router will it work?

  aca 11:18 18 Apr 06

I have 2 PCs both connected via crossover cable LAN and having problems with Internet sharing.

A solution might be to use a router rather than rely on XPs ICS which seems very "glitchy".

I have a PCI internal ADSL modem on one PC which works great. If I were to use a router how would I set this up with the internal ADSL modem?

Is it possible to get away with just a router?


  Rigga 11:24 18 Apr 06

If you replace the crossover cable with a non modem router, then you will still need to use ICS.

However, if you purchase an ADSL MODEM router, then this will completely replace your PCI ADSL internal modem.

This is by far the easiest route to sharing an internet connection.


  aca 20:23 19 Apr 06

Rigga thanks

(apologies for my ignorance)if I get external modem/router, this will connect into my ethernet port on my host or other network port as i dont want to connect via USB? Then my LAN crossover cable from client pc will connect into modem/router.

Have found this and want to check it will do the job?

click here

  mgmcc 20:36 19 Apr 06

If you get a combined Modem/Router, both PCs connect by ethernet cable to the router and use "straight-wired" cables, *NOT* crossover cables. The item you link to is suitable.

  aca 20:56 19 Apr 06


i was hoping to utlilise the crossover cable I have already run through the house. Is it possible to do this at all?

  aca 20:58 19 Apr 06

copied this from the item description is this saying that I can connect the "LAN" pc via crossover to this modem/router?

Network) capabilities. The VPN feature allows users to securely connect multiple computers over the Internet. It also features 10/100Mbps Auto MDI/MDIX Ethernet ports allowing CAT 5 cable (straight-through or crossover) to work with the GART2-4115.

  mgmcc 23:33 19 Apr 06

If the router has auto-sensing ports then you will be able to use your crossover cable. Alternatively, get an RJ45 coupler to join two network cables. Joining two "crossover" cables cancels the crossover effect to give you "straight" cabling.

  goonerbill © ® 00:41 20 Apr 06

as you have a crossover cable all ready running through your home and need a straight wired cable to connect a pc to router, one of these is what you need.

click here

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