Adsl Router query

  SB23 18:34 20 Sep 06

I have now managed to get an Adsl router for my home. I'm on Aol Silver, and will set up soon.
My question is, once configured with the leads connected as suggested in the manual, can I then setup the same computer to run wirelessly, or do I have to leave at least one pc connected?
One thing I do know is that I'll have to get the wireless connection for my pc.
Sorry for the daft question, but the manual doesn't really answer that. (Well not that I've seen).


  ade.h 18:35 20 Sep 06
  mattyc_92 18:36 20 Sep 06

You can have as many (or as little) computers attached to your router as you want (provided the router is quick enough).

You can't have a "wired" AND "wireless" connection on the same computer (if they are both from the same router)!! It's one or the other

  SB23 18:52 20 Sep 06

What about the wireless connection from my pc once I've configured it all?
That isn't really explained either.

  Strawballs 18:56 20 Sep 06

Once it has all been configured and security set up dissconect your PC from the router then connect wirelessly via your PCI or USB adapter

  SB23 18:59 20 Sep 06

Which is best, although I like the usb adapters for ease of connecting, and which one, as I can't see what they recommend for my router (Netgear DG834G).

  ade.h 19:00 20 Sep 06

I answered that in the link that I provided.

  SB23 19:07 20 Sep 06


  SB23 19:09 20 Sep 06

You have to understand that I'm moving into new territories here.

  ade.h 19:25 20 Sep 06

Quote: "Obviously, he will need an Ethernet LAN equipped PC to configure the router, but after that, he's free to use wifi."

  SB23 19:42 20 Sep 06

Ok, I'm having one of my bad days, AGAIN!

I think I'll opt for the usb device.



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