arnie30 10 Mar 13

Hi can anyone help? I am about to install a Thomson ADSL wireless router VIA ethernet to a desktop pc and the router has been taken from a different pc that was also connect by an ethernet cable. My question i need the original installation cd that came with the router to install on this different pc. I have the security password (wep) I believe so can I just plug and play so to speak or do i need software installed in the pc. the pc is running windows xp if this helps! I hear very often that router installation c.d's are not really needed and that they are only for people with less experience.

thanks in advance

  rickf 10 Mar 13

why not try it and see?

  Jollyjohn 10 Mar 13

The router will "plug & play" but the issues are;

is the router being used on the same adsl line with the same user and isp?

has 2nd PC ever been connected to the internet? If so it should see the router and connect subject to the above point. if the pc has not been connected previously there may be a bit of setting up needed

Connect it up and report back any error messages.

  Batch 10 Mar 13

The WEP password is for wireless (and these days one should really be using WPA / WPA 2, not WEP) and it sounds like you don't intend to use this for now (as you are going to use ethernet cable).

But you will need the router password to login to the router.

After cabling up:

Enter http:\ in your browser

user: admin password is ????

Then you will need navigate the menus to set up you broadband username and password.

That's about it. No software needed.


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