adsl router to my other pc

  Hucky 18:17 17 May 07

hi i have just set up an broadband connection having finished with bt..and am trying to get my other pc to use the same connection using a router...i was working fine with the bt connection ...and now nothing.......ta!

  sat481 18:26 17 May 07

This could be a provider problem. I beleave that for companies such as AOL you have to have a certain package to allow internet sharing.. Check that the provider allows it.


  pj123 18:29 17 May 07

Although I won't be able to help you, it would sure be nice to let everyone else know what your PC setup is. Having finished with BT who is your new ISP? How are you trying to setup your Broadband connection?

What you have said so far means nothing.

  Hucky 18:32 17 May 07

i am with pipex now and am using a wireless adsl router to share hopefully!

  Hucky 18:49 17 May 07

i am using a pipex connection with a adsl router

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