ADSL Phone Splitters

  dth 17:38 01 Jun 04

Just about to get BB and am a bit confused
about the above.

I have the one telephone line - with the phone
downstairs and the p/c plugged into a separate
phone socket upstairs.

Do I need two splitters or just one?

Many thanks

  dazzling 17:54 01 Jun 04

you need for every bit of equipment plugged into the phone line and that includes sky boxes.darren

  Fruit Bat 17:54 01 Jun 04

Do you mean splitters or filters

If filters put a filter on both PC and Phone.

  Djohn 18:07 01 Jun 04

As above. Place 1 filter into your main phone socket and plug your phone into the phone side of the filter.

Upstairs, place a filter into the extension socket and your broadband modem into the ADSL side of the filter. You can if you wish plug a phone into this same filter using the phone outlet of the filter.

  anchor 19:24 01 Jun 04

I have the set-up as described by Djohn. A phone downstairs plugged into a filter, and upstairs, (where my PC is located), another filter with the modem and phone connected.

  Eastender 20:14 01 Jun 04

You might find this helpful click here

  dth 20:53 01 Jun 04

Many thanks for the help.

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