ADSL modem fails in XP Pro

  bw48 14:14 04 Sep 03

I have the situation where the my adsl modem(US Robotics Sureconnect) clears down after a brief period on XP pro. It goes offline after about 1-2 mins and then refuses to connect again.. It works ok on WIN98SE.. I have updated the software for the modem and tried all the suggested fixes from KM KB pages. As I am new to XP PRO I guess im missing something simple here. I would appreiciate any help please.

  Mezzo 14:31 04 Sep 03

do you have both US Robotics Sureconnect ADSL Modem and ADSL Utility programs up and running (both 1.62mb shown in add/remove programs)?

  bw48 15:25 04 Sep 03

Mezzo, Yes I have the full product installed. In fact I have reinstalled them several times. I looked at the US Robotics sight in the hopes that they may have the answere, alas no.. Ihave no way of proving this but I get the immpression that some other program (networK, though not installed) is kicking the broadband out. If that makes sense..

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