ADSL Modem - Can I have a wireless network?

  bratty 11:02 21 Jun 04

I have a Freeserve (now Wanadoo) ADSL modem and bought a Belkin Wireless router to create a WIFI net in the house. (My PC is a long way from the phone socket and so I have a long wire trailing round the house.)

The router only takes an ethernet RJ45 cable and the Freeserve supplied modem only has a USB output so I can't get the modem to input to the router. Do other modems have ethernet outputs, and would they be compatible with Freeserve? (who say they don't give tech support to networking queries.)

Are there any other options?

  Lozzy 11:06 21 Jun 04

Yes any ASDL modem will work with Freeserve or any other ISP. But for a wireless network you will need a RJ 45 capability not USB.

  johnsims 19:18 21 Jun 04

Netgear do a very good all in one ADSL modem, router, wireless access point. So too do US Robotics. I would be tempted to return the Belkin wireless router and buy an all in one if I were you.

  Crosers 19:31 21 Jun 04

Belkin ADSL Router/Modem
Part # F5D7630uk4A

Works well for me and can stand alone at the telephone point using the WiFi to connect to ADSL. So no long wires!

Each PC needs a wireless card to connect.

  bratty 22:12 21 Jun 04

Thanks for the help chaps, I took your advice, returned the router and bought a Belkin router with built in modem. Have yet to connect it all up but I'll be back if I hit any major snags!

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