ADSL Filters

  SAH 15:07 13 Jun 03

Can anyone tell me why is it that when I'm online, I still get sound interference on my phone downstairs, but not on my phone upstairs, despite having a filter fitted to each phone?

I've tried changing the filters around, but it doesn't make any difference.

  Megatyte 15:17 13 Jun 03

Have you tried swapping the filters? The one downstairs maybe faulty.


  Megatyte 15:19 13 Jun 03

Sorry. Ignore. I didn't see the last line of your post(it was off-screen when I read it)


  SAH 15:19 13 Jun 03

Yeah, I tried that, but I've still got the same problem.

  graham√ 17:49 13 Jun 03

Some phones are like that! Unplug the phone upstairs, then try the one downstairs for noise.

  AubreyS 18:03 13 Jun 03

A friend of mine had the same problem. It turned out to be faulty filters. When he asked the company to replace them, they didnt want to know. I won't mention the company, though I'd like to!!

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