ADSL Filters

  sunnystaines 07:41 AM 26 May 13

Before broadband started I was one of the volunteers to test it with "Worldonline" an engineer attended and fitted the filters etc in the wall behind the socket.

Now that i hope to move soon and have a adsl filter that came with my last internet provider do i just plug this into any normal phone socket or is there more to it.

  wiz-king 08:43 AM 26 May 13

When you move get the phone supplier to fit a new master plate to your incoming phone line. The plug-in ones need to be fitted to everything that plugs in to any telephone socket and you could end up using lots of them.

See here don't forget you will have to have a cable from this socket to the router.

  sunnystaines 09:00 AM 26 May 13


  wiz-king 09:17 AM 26 May 13

If you want to move your computer about then use homeplugs which you can use with wireless or cable.

  Nontek 11:35 AM 26 May 13

If you change from phone-line broadband to fibre optics, ADSL Filters are not needed.

  spuds 12:54 PM 26 May 13

ADSL filters are the thing that confuses the technical support advisor's at TalkTalk.

When I have requested their support, it usually starts straight off the screen with "how many sockets and filters do you have. Do all sockets have filters, because they must". trying to convince them that BT OpenReach fitted a master socket c/w filtering, that goes direct to my computer system, is nearly an impossible task!.


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