ADSL 'connected' but receiving 'dns server not fou

  Tonycooper3 17:23 17 Sep 04

'dns server not found' error.

In Network connections my 'local area connection' is 'enabled' and appears to be running fine.

My modem is the sort that comes on as soon as you switch the computer on - (you initially go to the ADSL modem default IP address and fill in username/password, save changes, and reboot) - then it's supposed to work

Do I need to set up another connection? If so is it the VPN option I need?


PS I'm running xp pro - just installed it.

  Noleg24 17:36 17 Sep 04

I take it your using a Ethernet modem for the broadband connection but you dont mention who your ISP is? Sounds more like you need to input DNS servers and also the ADSL UK settings. ring 08702404650 and ask them for these ADSL settings cos its either one of the two. Oh the number belongs to BT Broadband technical help desk and I should know cos I use to work for them. but firt of all ring your ISP and if the DNS servers dont work then ring BT Broadband.

  Tonycooper3 17:49 17 Sep 04

I'm using a usb ADSL modem - my ISP is BT, but as I bought the modem from someone else, they haven't given me a username/password - just activated my phoneline.

It was running fine till I installed XP. Not sure if I need to set up another connection?

  Tonycooper3 18:11 17 Sep 04

Thanks noleg - Just phoned BT and got the settings - will dbl check they're ok as soon as I get home..

  Noleg24 18:29 17 Sep 04
  Mr Computer 20:57 17 Sep 04

Can't Connect to adsl thro 2100 modem using AOL 9.0 with Windows XP Pro.on an ethernet connection.
Iam running a 2800+ Athlon chip with 1Gig of DDR on an AsusA7N8X deluxe m/board. My BT Voyager 100 usb adsl modem still works fine with AOL 9.0 after reinstalling the drivers (I unistalled the drivers etc for BT 100 as per instructions for the BT 2100 but it still would not connect.)Cannot also get the BT voyager.home web site via any means,so cannot put in my isp details etc as requested by 2100 instructions. I would be grateful if anybody has any ideas, that may

  Noleg24 21:32 17 Sep 04

Mr Computer...looks like you're in a serious pit I said to Tonycooper...your best bet would be to ring your since you have the BT Voyager 2100 Wireless modem/router your best bet would be to ring the BT Voyager technical help desk...I cant remember their number but ring 08702404650 and ask for the BT Voyager technical helpdesk and they maybe able to help you...if they cant go back to AOL. hope this elps.

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