adsl broadband cable needed?

  imzy 19:45 20 Jun 05

Hi All.

A friend of mine has signed up for AOL broadband through his phone socket as he does not have cable in his area. I will need to run a long extension cord from his bedroom to the phone socket downstairs.
I went to PC World to get an extension cable but could not find a 20Metere cable. I asked the assistant and he said you could use a normal telephone extesion wire instead of an actual boradband cable. Is this correct? If it is, does it affect the performance of using broadband?

Any help grealty appreciated.


  DieSse 19:53 20 Jun 05

You will need a good quality extension cable - poor quality ones can degrade the signal enough to make it unuseable, at times.

I recommend you to look at lightweight twin core cable (not the cheapo flat stuff that is sometimes sold for phone extensions) - and hardwire it into the originating socket (not via a normal plug) - and to a proper extension socket - then you can use a normal short cable from the modem to the extension socket.

I've done it that way on much longer runs, and never had a problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:05 20 Jun 05

Agree with DieSse

Good quality cable, hardwired to master socket, filter in extension socket to modem cable.

  imzy 21:00 20 Jun 05

Thanks guys.

Good advice. Will try it out.

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