adsl booster

  madPentium 20:07 25 Jul 04

I have a 1meg adsl connection and bt have decided that my packet loss is due to me being so far from the exchange. I cant believe there isnt something as simple as a signal booster for adsl, or is there? Anyone know of anything that exists or is under development?

Many thanks

  smokingbeagle 20:12 25 Jul 04

On dial up, you could get the gain on your line increased if you persisted with BT. Would this work with ADSL? Anybody know?

  tnt115 20:47 25 Jul 04

gain only works on dial up only i think
i got a 4 meg connection and sometimes it has packet loss aswell due to exchange nothing can be done from what my support techincain told me

  Gaz 25 20:53 25 Jul 04

my 5Mb connection was slow recently - they said in fact gain could improve the performance.

It has a little - and now Im back up to speed I think.

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  Chegs ® 00:24 26 Jul 04

You could always try altering the latency,I use a file I d/l from PC Pitstops site,as mine was set to 12121 instead of 64240.I also use DrTCP to tweak my ADSL settings.These methods have resulted in a reduction in my online gaming hassles and a slight increase in my d/l speeds.

  €dstowe 06:37 26 Jul 04

BT claim to carry out comprehensive testing on lines before they enable ADSL.

If they can't supply the service, then why did they connect you up?

Might be worth asking.

  madPentium 13:10 26 Jul 04

bt just want your money. Their limit was 5km but they are going to try 10km next, god help those customers. Rather than try the distance themselves, they get customers to do it.

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