Ads from Google

  awest3 15:11 07 Mar 12

Can anyone tell me how to turn off the ads from Google. I've tried their suggested method and changed it in preferences but it appears not to be permanent.

I'd also like to turn off my location but again any changes I make seem to be reversed next time I use IE9.

  john bunyan 15:52 07 Mar 12

Have a read here

Also in Tools / Safety/ Tracking Protection do you have some ad blocks?

  awest3 16:06 07 Mar 12

should have said IE8, I can't find a safety option in tools.

  awest3 16:12 07 Mar 12

I've read all that thanks but none of it still shows my location. The function 'my location' is turned off and always has been.

All I want is a search engine...I do not want it to show my location or gather any information anonymous or not.

Is this possible...?

  rdave13 16:43 07 Mar 12

Don't know if this helps but I use as my home page,

  alB 18:20 07 Mar 12

Try this extension that was suggested by rawprawn recently ...alB
do not track plus

  awest3 19:52 08 Mar 12

thanks for these. I've got 'do not track plus' installed but it has no effect on these.

  awest3 11:09 11 Mar 12

I'm still seeing these ads even though I've opted out. each time I get back into IE8 they I'm opted back in again.

Anyone know how I can make 'opt out' and 'location off' permanent?

  awest3 18:38 12 Mar 12

You have to laugh! I've just realised that opting out of Google ads does not stop them appearing! just your ability to click on them and be taken to the site the ad mentions...

I think I'll give up and switch to a different search engine..

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