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  Graham. 10:46 13 Oct 06

From a link posted by rawprawn
click here Is there a close button that is hidden by my screen resolution?

  johnnyrocker 10:49 13 Oct 06

not quite sure what you are asking?


  Graham. 10:51 13 Oct 06

The Ads are blocking the left of my screen, how do I make them go away?

  Graham. 10:53 13 Oct 06
  spuds 10:57 13 Oct 06

Have you tried moving your mouse ponter on them, and clicking?.

  jolorna 10:59 13 Oct 06

i don't get the same as you using IE7 RC1

  Graham. 10:59 13 Oct 06

Yes, takes me to an Advertiser.

  Graham. 11:01 13 Oct 06

Just tried the site with Opera - same problem.

  jolorna 11:03 13 Oct 06

pressing the red x here only removes the red x and nothing else

  brundle 11:04 13 Oct 06

As you have already suggested your screen resolution is quite low - the ads would normally be in the blank left hand border on an 1024x768 screen and have been shifted over to cover the body of the page instead. Firefox and Adblock extension if you are bothered by here and click here

  Graham. 11:10 13 Oct 06

I'll live with it for now. If they become more regular features I'll write to my MP.

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