Adobe - Removal

  lindibird 12:42 04 Aug 05

I seem to have lost my Adobe Photoshop Starter 2.0 Edition. The Control Panel acknowledges its presence but refuses to let me delete it and shows a popup Runtime error when I try. So when I try to download the whole Adobe set up again it refuses to implement this little starter photoshop saying that it is already present. What I now want to do is remove the whole Adobe platform altogether and start again. Will someone be kind enough to tell me how to do this ? Also Is it safe to do this or does the Adobe software ? affect any other part of my pc.

  recap 14:09 04 Aug 05

Instead of looking in the Control Panel, have a look in the program list its self. Start/Programs, the uninstall package may be there?

  palinka 12:41 06 Aug 05

Click Start, then Search and choose Files & folders. In the files & folders writable box type "adobe" (without the inverted commas) then click Search now (or whatever the button is called). If it finds anything you can delete it.

  lindibird 20:31 06 Aug 05

Many thanks for your help. - issue resolved...Linda

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