Adobe Reader X protected mode

  isca2 10:51 21 Nov 10

Have just upgraded to new version 10 ( X ). When opening some PDFs now, I get a response that due to my system config, the file cannot be opened in Protected Mode and I am invited to disable this mode. Can anyone explain what this is and whether I can or should do something to sort it out. I have had to run without protected mode to download the PDF doc. I am running Win 7 and do not always get this message, only on a few sites when I download a cr card statement for example.

  961 10:58 21 Nov 10

I imagine this is to do with the operation of https security or the security settings of the bank web site or your own active x settings

The great problem with Adobe Reader and Flash is the number of security updates that are required and I understand 10(x) is an attempt to reduce these

However, given the choice for the moment I'd incline to stick with the security measures provided by https, the bank web site and your own security settings

If that means doing without version 10(x) until they sort this, so be it

  Sea Urchin 11:27 21 Nov 10

I downloaded Adobe Reader X and after half an hour reverted to 9. The protected mode was more trouble than it was worth

Some reading here

click here

  isca2 15:29 21 Nov 10

Thanks for responses. So I am not alone !

  Muergo 20:19 30 Nov 10

I am getting repeat reminders that I should update to Adobe Reader X, what's the general consensus for those without MacAfee, is it any use or best ignored.

  northumbria61 20:38 30 Nov 10

Turn off your "Reminders" and choose what and when to install - click here

  KremmenUK 06:59 01 Dec 10

I've had (and used) Reader X for about a week without issue, thanks for the heads up in case I do.

  mooly 08:22 01 Dec 10

I'd never heard of Reader X.

Why is it not offered as a normal update (either auto or manual... mine says no updates available) from most current version of reader 9 ?

Is it still a "work in progress" I wonder to gauge reaction.

  isca2 10:14 01 Dec 10

Reader X = Reader 10 ( Roman numeral )

  mooly 11:15 01 Dec 10

thanks iscanut. I know I should have started a new thread really.
Will it be offered as an update to replace Reader 9.

  Snrub 12:26 01 Dec 10

It is offered as an update and downloaded Reader X last night. Computer came up with Windows message saying computer may have infection or malware and is shutting down to protect Windows. On restart all seems ok. Have done malware checks and nothing showing. So will follow this thread to see if others find problems with download.

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