Adobe Reader Patch - Scam or Real?

  thegreypanther 13 Mar 13

I have just received an email which reads as follows;-


Most of us use Adobe Reader on our computers.

Adobe have just released an emergency security update to patch zero-day vunerabilitiesin its Adobe Reader & Acrobat X1 software for Windows, Mac & Linux systems.

The flaw is already (quote latest Computeractive Magazine Issue 392)by criminals which causes computers to crash and enables them to take over your PC.

The up-date patch can be found at

Kind regards Terry"

I am 99% certain that this is a scam, and that "Terry" has had his email hijacked.

Could someone please confirm, and if this is a scam then others need to be warned.

  Nontek 13 Mar 13

I have not had that mail, but yes, I would say it is no doubt a Scam ... delete it!

  Nontek 13 Mar 13

A quick Google confirms that there are many such scams doing the rounds, and have been doing so for some time.

  wiz-king 13 Mar 13

An Adobe patches should come from Adobe, not from some other website.

  wiz-king 13 Mar 13

An Adobe patches should come from Adobe, not from some other website.

  lotvic 13 Mar 13 use as a 'tiny url' the url takes you to h t t p s : / / (note, I have added spaces in the 'h t t p s' on purpose)

However that being said, I never trust unsolicited emails of this ilk and would update via the Adobe Reader program on my pc (if I had Adobe that is - I don't - I use Foxit Reader)

  Pine Man 13 Mar 13

Dump Adobe Reader and try Sumatra - very fast and, hopefully, safer than Adobe Reader.


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