Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 - Captions

  valbv 10:54 29 Sep 06

I am creating album pages using two photos per page(7x5)each and rotating them to provide two landscape pictures per page in portrait style (i.e. one under the other). Whilst it easy to pre rotate the photos before selecting them so that they appear on the page as described, I cannot rotate the captions. Is there any way to achieve this? Currently I am creating titles/information by calculating the required positions using the appropriate line numbers in Word Document and then overprinting onto the photo page.

  fazer 13:14 29 Sep 06

So are you producing the text within Word? If you are then try using the "WordArt" tool - this can be rotated and sized freely.

Can't you produce the text in Elements? Double printing really is a bad idea because of the possible damage to the previous printed image as it goes through the rollers a second time.

  valbv 17:51 29 Sep 06

Thanks Fazer. Because the text boxes in Elements 4.0 are only presented in landscape format and I cannot seem to be able to rotate them, I am not using them. So when I print the text mentioned above, there is no question of double printing. When in 'Create an Album' it does not seem possible for me to rotate text or pictures or insert additional texts. For a comprehensive program such as Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 not to have the ability to rotate pictures and text in the Album mode seems to be a serious oversight.

  fazer 12:28 30 Sep 06

I use Photoshop so sorry, I can't really give you any further (accurate) advice.

In photoshop, when you create a text layer, it can be edited using several tools - most of which can be accessed via: Edit - transform etc. I thought that you may have something similar in Elements.

  brambles 14:20 02 Oct 06

I have Version 2 of Photoshop Elements.

Type text
Click on Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Posterize

Click on Image/Transform/Free Transform

Hope this helps a bit


  valbv 18:03 03 Oct 06

Brambles. Many thanks. I have Photoshop Elements 2 as well. I will revert to that I think.

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