Adobe Photoshop 7.0 will not load- not enough RAM

  CSO4 21:30 08 Mar 04

Adobe photo shop has suddenly stopped working.
Message says "can not initiate, not enough RAM"
I have 512 RAM and have had no problems for the past two years. Have uninstalled Photo shop and re insatalled it, but no joy. Any pointers??

  Dan 23:48 08 Mar 04

How full's you're hard drive?

Previous versions of Photoshop make a lot of use of temporary fake ram in the form of your hard drive. (Pardon me, it's late and I've forgotten the correct file maybe?)

If you're lacking space on the drive (often specified in it's options as a scratch disk) Photoshop can complain.

If you've got a spare hard drive which is not part of the boot system and it's got a fair few gigs free, you could make that your primary scratch disk.

Or, ideally, if you create a partition which you use purely for Pshop's scratch then it has a large chunk of contiguous fake memory to play with.

[this may of course not be the problem at all, but it's a thought]

  Totally-braindead 23:52 08 Mar 04

Another thought, is your memory ok. Have you checked to see that the 512mb is still listed. Assuming you have more than 1 Ram chip perhaps some of it has failed or just come loose. Forgive me if its a silly suggestion.

  ventanas 08:32 09 Mar 04

The problem with changing the scratch disc is that you need to get into Photoshop to do it, via the options, or it will the use the default startup.

Strange one this, perhaps it is a problem with the memory, but I ran Photoshop 7 for a short while with just 128mb. Have you tried the Adobe web site. It may be a known problem.

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