Adobe Photoshop 7

  mycar 22:05 16 Aug 04

Hi I am using Win XP Home Edition for the past twelve months My problem is with Adobe Photoshop 7 I suddenly lost the "Help" file I have tried un-installing and re-installing three or four times I have even borrowed a collegues disc and that wouldnt work either around the time of losing the help file I had downloaded some patches and upgrades from Microsoft and wondered if this had caused the problem I have also installed photoshop Elements and the help file is not working with thatIt Does work with Office 2000 Any ideas please mycar

  AndySD 22:14 16 Aug 04

I suspect its probably that your Internet explorer is corrupt. click here

  hssutton 22:23 16 Aug 04

As PS help uses IE, AndySD as no doubt hit the nail on the head

  slightlymad 22:52 16 Aug 04

I've got exactly the same problem. AndySD may be right, but I have my doubts as as I installed Photoshop on a brand new computer, and within weeks lost the help facility; this is exactly what happened on my old PC.

My workaround is this... locate the help folder in Programme Files > Photoshop, and open any of the HTML docs. Click on the "Search" link, and add this page to your Favourites. Obviously you need to go to this page when you need help, which isn't ideal, but unless Andy's solution works or someone else comes up with the answer it's a useful interim measure.

  AndySD 23:01 16 Aug 04

You could also try the 7.01 update click here

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