Adobe photo7 upgrade to CS2 thumbnail problem

hi all, upgraded my photoshop7 to photoshopCS2, problem is where my pics file showed all my p7 files as a thumbnail (pic), now i have blue and green feathers on thumbnail but no pic. its the same if i browse from within CS as it is if i go strait to my pics....HELP need thumbnail pics

  jimv7 21:24 10 Jun 06

Open the folder where your pics are stored, on the folders toolbar, 'view' as thumbnails.

yep - already in thumbs view

" now i have blue and green feathers on thumbnail but no pics.

  terryf 00:06 11 Jun 06

Is it because your pics are still associated with p7 which is not there? go to control panel>folder options>file types and scroll down until you find the extension for the pics (could be PSD or PDD) and check which program it is associated with, if not cs2 then click on change and make it so

  terryf 00:14 11 Jun 06

cheers terry f, ill give it a go

  terryf 00:47 11 Jun 06

You actually need from
click here to see cs2 thumbnails in explorer
Worked for me

sorry for cross postin, ill stay here - sorry terry f

isnt this for uploading images??? how will it make CS2 thumbs work- sorry again for confusion, it's late

  hssutton 09:26 11 Jun 06

If your Pics are in jpg, icons will show as a feather. In "Bridge" there are a number of ways to view, but in each case you shoud see thumbnails.

At the bottom left of "Brdge" you will see two small arrowheads, click on the right hand one, this will display the thumbnails. At bottom right you will see various setting for differing views of these thumbnails.

As already mentioned if viewing by from your image folder, go to "Edit" and select "Thumbnails"

  terryf 11:05 11 Jun 06

The zip file I found does work, you create a folder adobe/shell and put the dll file in it and then 2click on the reg file, all inside the zip and it does work with cs2 images shown as thumbnails in explorer

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