adobe flash player

  rocketbob 16:22 PM 13 Apr 11

went to use bbc i player and it told me to down load adobe flash player when i clicked on download nothing happens.and it says i might have to turn of my security for a while is this right any clues.

  mgmcc 08:01 AM 14 Apr 11

Go to Adobe's website and download Flash Player. There is a link at the right of this page

  rocketbob 11:44 AM 14 Apr 11

i have been using windows IE9, change back to IE8 now bbc i player works, adobe flash player was on my pc but would not run when using IE9 any clues

  mgmcc 11:53 AM 14 Apr 11

Were you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version of IE9? I seem to recall having read somewhere that Flash Player is only compatible with 32-bit browsers (but I could be wrong!).

  sunnystaines 09:13 AM 16 Apr 11

try the new version of flash player just released

link text

  rocketbob 16:33 PM 16 Apr 11

i am using 32-bit version of ie9 and the new version of flash player,i have just installed ie9 again and bbc i player wont run?

  sunnystaines 08:54 AM 17 Apr 11

go to use their flashplayer uninstaller to delete flashplayer then down load a fresh copy.

  rocketbob 16:11 PM 17 Apr 11

uninstalled flashplayer went to down load a fresh copy and it would not down load, i am using ie9

  sunnystaines 17:42 PM 17 Apr 11

save file to desktop, close browser and messenger and run.


restart pc and run from desktop

check cclweaner/revo under programs it sometimes installs when it says it did not

  rocketbob 19:19 PM 17 Apr 11

sunnystaines thank you!flashplayer working ok


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