Adobe Air & Shockwave ~ Can my PC function without them?

  wee eddie 10 Jul 13

I know that I need Flash, but can I do without the other two?

  lotvic 10 Jul 13

Never having been sure of what Adobe Air does, I eventually found info on so if you read through that, you will know as much as I do..

  spuds 11 Jul 13

I have had a number of problems with Abode Air, but apparently some programmes will not run without it, or at least that is what some pop-up messages seem to constantly remind me.

As to Shockwave, I am not to sure. Again I seem to have messages recently that Shockwave or the lack of, is causing a problem. Perhaps more so when I use Google Chrome on the PCA website?.

  Pine Man 11 Jul 13

Neither has ever been allowed to remain on my PC and nothing has ever failed to run.

  lotvic 11 Jul 13

I think Pine Man has provided the answer. Uninstall them and see what, if any, difference it makes to use of pc.

  wee eddie 11 Jul 13

Lotvic & Pine Man: - That is what I planned to do, but wondered whether the "Hive Mind" could answer the question before some site started bothering me.

  spuds 11 Jul 13

But how do you remove Abode Air, when you get certain programmes that say you need IT ?

  lotvic 11 Jul 13

Well I guess it depends on what programs you use on your pc. The iPlayer desktop app is built using the Adobe Air software framework, which makes use of Adobe Flash and there were problems with an update last Feb. "Adobe Break the BBC iPlayer" click here


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