Adobe Acrobat will only work once

  Nuneatonian 18:37 03 Jun 06

Hi all
If I visit a site and I need to view pages with the reader, it will only load up once. When I have viewed for eg a timetable, and then to view another on the same site or on another site it either won't open again and load or the window it load up on freezes. What's wrong.
Please help

  €dstowe 18:40 03 Jun 06

Either renew/repair your installation with click here

or try foxit click here which is almost as good and much smaller than Adobe Reader.

  VoG II 18:41 03 Jun 06

Try Detect and Repair on the Help menu, assuming that you have Version 7.

  jimv7 19:10 03 Jun 06

Excellent, thanks €dstowe.

  Nuneatonian 08:02 04 Jun 06

My version is 4, perhaps I ought to get a later version. Where do you get them?

  €dstowe 08:09 04 Jun 06

See the "click heres" in my previous reply.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:11 04 Jun 06

Acrobat Reader -
click here

I'd suggest 6.01 - it's less bloated than 7 and seems you have version 4, you likely have an older machine. 6 will run quicker.

  Nuneatonian 11:01 04 Jun 06

Thankyou for your help
I did what you suggested installed a later version, but not 6 but 5. The 6 seemed to use a lot of memory, I don't have a large memory in my computer. I did install it but it still does the same thing. I use the reader, then close the window, wish to use it again and it won't open again. I have to go off line, restart the computer, go back online, go to the site again and then use the reader its damn annoying.
I have tried checking the reader by clicking on reader shortcut my desktop to see if it will open. It will only open if I haven't used it before.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:10 04 Jun 06

Try removing all versions of Acrobat reader from your PC and restart. Then reinstall it.

  €dstowe 11:36 04 Jun 06

- - -or try using foxit which is also in the links I gave above.

  Arnie 11:53 04 Jun 06

€dstowe's advice.

Foxit is an excellent reader.

My C:\Program Files\Foxit Software shows 2.83 MB.
Way below that of Adobe Acrobat reader 7, which has now been removed from my computer.

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