Adobe acrobat 6 / Reader

  mundungus 19:47 14 Nov 04

I installed a trial version of Acrobat 6, then uninstalled using the facility provided. Now I cannot easily open pdf files in Reader.

If I double click on a pdf file I get an error message saying that the application is missing. If I right click on the file the first item on the menu (in bold) is (the non-existant)Acrobat 6. If I select "open with" I can use Acobat Reader OK. If I select "open with" and "chose programme" I can select Acobat Reader and can tick the check box "always use this programme". Everything works OK, but this setting is not remembered. The next time I double click on the file I get the error message.

Any ideas how I can get the non-existant Adobe Acrobat to hand back the pdf file so I can use Reader?

  VoG II 20:00 14 Nov 04

Uninstall Adobe Reader from Control Panel, Add or Remove programs. Then reinstall it.

  Graham ® 20:06 14 Nov 04

Can't understand 'trial version'. Acrobat 6 full version is available as a free download from click here

  VoG II 20:08 14 Nov 04

I assumed the trial version of the full version of Acrobat (not the Reader).

  mundungus 20:17 14 Nov 04

VoG - tried this no joy.

Graham, Reader is free but Acrobat 6 costs many pennies (it was a trial from a magazine disk). I have reader installed and working but I looked at Acrobat 6 to preparare a pdf - big mistake!

  Graham ® 20:22 14 Nov 04

All part of life's rich pattern :-)

  Wak 09:43 15 Nov 04

I used to have problems like this until I realised that different versions of Adobe use different .EXE files.
There is "AcroRd32.exe" and "Acroread.exe" and one of them can be found in C:\Program Files/ Adobe/ Reader.
Try this.
Copy the file that you have (say Acroread.exe) into another spare folder, rename it as the other one (say AcroRd32.exe) and drag it back into the original Reader folder.
You will then have both files (exactly the same but with different names) in the proper place where Adobe can find whichever it is looking for.
I never had any more problems opening Adobe after doing this.
Hope it works for you.

  david.h 17:23 15 Nov 04

if you can wait version 7 is due out next week

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