March Wind 23:34 PM 13 Jun 11

I need to download Adobe to view Ytube on a place in Tanzania in google Earth. I was going to download but it was giving a DLM. I think this might be a browser. I do have Adobe I am thinking maybe I need a later version. with Google Earth telling me I need to download Adobe. could you advise please?

  March Wind 23:48 PM 13 Jun 11

I thought I had but why is Google Earth asking, telling me I need to download Flash Player?

  birdface 07:49 AM 14 Jun 11

Looks like you have the latest I/E version if you use Firefox you will need to download that version as well which finishes on 181.22

Try your add-ons and make sure flash player is enabled.

I had problems getting Flash to work tried everything for about a fortnight with no luck then for some reason checked my Zoom and set it to 100% and the next time I booted up flash started working.

Worth a try I suppose just to see if it works for you.

  birdface 08:02 AM 14 Jun 11

Try clicking on test your Flash player to see if it works.

link text

it should open a new page with a box telling you what version of Flash player you have installed.

if the box is greyed out your version has not installed properly and will have to be deleted and reinstalled.

That is also what happened to me hence a fortnight with it not working.


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