thumbscrew 22:25 21 Sep 07

Can anyone help me with Adobe (In simple terms). I'm trying to open a site that, I think I need Adobe for. I've got 7.0 but it won't open. It also won't update. Tried to install version 8.0 but it seems to be telling me I can;t unless 7.0 is removed, however 7.0 won't uninstall. Can anyone advise?

  Technotiger 22:45 21 Sep 07

How are you trying to uninstall Adobe7 and what site are you trying to open?

  thumbscrew 22:48 21 Sep 07

Hello pal...I'm trying to visit a local beer delivery site and I don't even know if I need Adobe to open their lists...I just saw the PDF on screen. I can't update to Adobe * says 7.0 won't uninstall. However I can't uninstall 7.0...tried on uninstall all programs but it won't go.

  brundle 22:50 21 Sep 07

Either it needs MSI uninstaller; click here or for you to re-install your current Acrobat version and remove; click here

In the meantime use Foxit reader; click here

  C3 22:53 21 Sep 07

Give up on Adobe and use Foxit PDF Reader. Does the same job, but is much faster and uses pretty much no resources.

As for your problem, you may need to reinstall v7.0 over the top of itself. You can download older versions of Adobe Reader here : click here

  Technotiger 22:54 21 Sep 07

If you can tell me the site, I will see if it opens without Adobe or not.

To uninstall you should go to Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs

Also I would not advise Getting Version 8 of Adobe, it is very good at slowing down your pc. I had V8 but un-installed it and got Acrobat5 instead.

  Technotiger 22:57 21 Sep 07

I am off to bed now, so I will leave you in the very capable hands of my Member friends ....... ZZzzzzzzz

  thumbscrew 22:58 21 Sep 07

Tried Add/Remove Technotiger...thanks for the offer it's click here let me know pal

  brundle 23:36 21 Sep 07

No it needs a pdf reader. Foxit will do.

  thumbscrew 23:38 21 Sep 07

Evening brundle and, yes Foxit has done it...thanks pal. Any idea why Adobe won't run it or why I can't remove?

  brundle 23:59 21 Sep 07

Yes, broken installer or missing files. There is a way of removing some stubborn programs that bypasses Add/Remove Programs, but try a re-install/uninstall.

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