Administrator rights or not

  swapper 18:13 10 Nov 09

Its been suggested to me that one way to avoid compromising your PC is to access the web for day today browsing as a limited access user, i.e not as an administrator.

As I am the only user of this pc (Jack the administrator), I should create another user (Bill) with administrator rights, and give myself limited rights (I think I have got that correct).

Any comments on this please?

  MrNewName 18:20 10 Nov 09

Depends on your OS; more important is to be careful of the sites you visit and to have a good anti-virus program installed and updated and perhaps also an anti-malware program.

What you suggest will certainly help and will not cost anything.

  swapper 07:04 11 Nov 09

Thanks MrNewName, I have WinxpPro on one pc, and the basic vista on another?
Although it was suggested that it was a good idea to do this, I was not told why?

  gigagiggles 09:35 11 Nov 09

i think the analogy is this:

king/queen of the castle with a moat ringing it and one drawbridge and gate. if the king/queen were to greet and meet every visitor to the castle, eventually, harm will bedevil the king/queen. but if a representative, a sentry, were to have such duties, then with proper oversight, an alerted or fallen sentry will give the king/queen the warning to act accordingly.

  swapper 23:58 31 Dec 09

gigagiggles, I think I got the jist of that, thanks :-)
I think I will leave things as they are.

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